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Experiences connect you to a product better than anything else. We understand that you are seeking experiences, rather than objects. With them, you have fun, learn and create new memories. This is all that plus an amazing pair of custom shoes, shipped to your home. Can't beat that right?

-Luis Moreno, the founder

About Us


This is Luis and Kathe, the founders and artisans of HANDMADE® BARCELONA!

We have been making shoes for many years, in our local family-owned factories. HANDMADE® is an ethical brand from Cataluña, Spain, selling traditional shoes made by hand.

The Espadrilles Experience is something that we are proud of. We teach people all around the world everything they need to know about Espadrilles.

Thanks to many great reviews, Airbnb ranked the experience as one of the  Top 10% Experiences Worldwide.

The Experience will bring you to our workshop in Barcelona and it includes a pair of shoes shipped to your home.

You will learn how to design the espadrilles of your dreams and we will make them and then ship them to you, all included!

We will meet virtually at our artisanal workshop in Barcelona, in a very unique and special place, where you will feel surrounded by finished espadrilles and their parts.

First, we will introduce you to the story of these beautiful shoes and the materials needed for their construction. You will learn about this old tradition, and how this shoe passed from being built by and for humble people, to be one of the most trendy styles of shoes nowadays.

Then, every guest will choose the color and size of the base, the ribbons, the threads, and the type of stitching. Once ready, we will stitch LIVE your own traditional espadrilles, following your instructions. Once finished, we will teach you the different ways to lace them up and use them.

Finally, and very important, we will ship your creation to your home with free worldwide FedEx shipping. Your will get the pair at your home, all included, no extra cost.

Proven to be an amazing team building experience for companies too, as during the workshop we will challenge the team. A perfect gift as well, including the custom-made pair of shoes.

More than 1000 reviews

Written by Amber on Airbnb

This experience was incredible! Luis and Kathy were so knowledgeable about the history of Espadrilles and you could feel the passion when they were storytelling. Their enthusiasm and humor made the experience really fun, and they were extremely diligent in ensuring our designs would be perfect. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone!

Written by Joel on Tripadvisor

“The best part, other than being with my peers and having a great time, was Luis and Kathe! The two of them together helping you build your custom shoes was such a fun time. I loved hearing the history of the shoes and the shoemaking process. I would recommend this experience to anyone, especially for a company team-building event. It was virtual, but certainly didn’t feel that way!”

Written by Tina on Maps

I have to say, Luis and his are fantastic. I have done 2 workshops and have order a few pair of custom shoes. The shoes: they are amazing quality! They are extremely comfortable! I love espadrilles… There was absolutely to ‘breaking in’ time at all. It was like these shoes were make for my feet. The team: Courteous, professional, friendly, fair, timeliness in communication.

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We organize fun and challenging private corporate sessions for all kind of companies around the world. It is the more memorable experience of its kind. After each workshop we send every participant a pair of Espadrilles to their home. If you would like to hire us for a corporative workshop, both online and onsite, drop us an email at Check out some of the different companies we’ve worked with in the past.

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