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What makes The Espadrilles Experience great?

Our experience is not only about getting together online with people from all around world, having fun and learning about a different culture. It’s by far the best experience of all, as it includes a pair of shoes! Can’t beat that! Here you will design the espadrilles of your dreams, we will make them LIVE and then ship them to you, all included! It is the only experience where you receive your creation at home. Without having to pay an extra fee.

The online workshop was born by combining the new concept (online experience) with the old one (physical product). At the end of the day, you are going to receive a pair of shoes designed by you. A pair of shoes you know everything about: how it started as a workers’ shoe and ended up being an international fashion statement.

About Us


This is Luis and Kathe, the founders and artisans of HANDMADE® BARCELONA!

We have been making shoes for many years, in our local family-owned factories. HANDMADE® is an ethical brand from Cataluña, Spain, selling traditional shoes made by hand.

The Espadrilles Experience is something that we are proud of. We teach people all around the world everything they need to know about Espadrilles.

Thanks to many great reviews, Airbnb ranked the experience as one of the  Top 10% Experiences Worldwide.

The Experience will bring you to our workshop in Barcelona and it includes a pair of shoes shipped to your home.

You will learn how to design the espadrilles of your dreams and we will make them and then ship them to you, all included!

We will meet virtually at our artisanal workshop in Barcelona, in a very unique and special place, where you will feel surrounded by finished espadrilles and their parts.

First, we will introduce you to the story of these beautiful shoes and the materials needed for their construction. You will learn about this old tradition, and how this shoe passed from being built by and for humble people, to be one of the most trendy styles of shoes nowadays.

Then, every guest will choose the color and size of the base, the ribbons, the threads, and the type of stitching. Once ready, we will stitch LIVE your own traditional espadrilles, following your instructions. Once finished, we will teach you the different ways to lace them up and use them.

Finally, and very important, we will ship your creation to your home with free worldwide FedEx shipping. Your will get the pair at your home, all included, no extra cost.

Proven to be an amazing team building experience for companies too, as during the workshop we will challenge the team. A perfect gift as well, including the custom-made pair of shoes.

Book now, use later

You have a whole year during which you can use the tickets. More exactly, you can participate in any of our upcoming workshops in 2021. We organize workshops on a daily basis, so you will be able to choose the date that fits your schedule the best. Maybe you choose to tune in after a long day, or during your holidays. Whatever fits you the most. We are here everyday 🙂

Perfect gift

We had participants ranging from 5 to 85 years old. This experience is a great fit for everyone who is curious about the world we live in. During the workshop, the participants learn about the history of one of the most ancient shoes. They find out all the secrets, while designing their own pair, which we are going to ship to their home for free!

It’s the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day and even get-togethers, as we host workshops with up to 100 people. Buy now several tickets and gift them along the year!

You choose everything

There are several things you need to decide upon: the color, the base, the ribbons and the stitching style.

Free Worldwide Shipping

We ship the Espadrilles to your door for free. Within only 72 hours. No matter where you live.

Sustainable materials

The materials we work with are eco-friendly and sustainable. We use locally-sourced materials.

Anytime, anywhere

You get to enjoy it in your living room’s comfort. At any given time next year.