Private Corporate Events

We organize fun and challenging private corporate sessions for all kind of companies around the world. It is the more memorable experience of its kind. After each workshop we send every participant a pair of Espadrilles to their home. If you would like to hire us for a corporative workshop, both online and onsite, drop us an email at Check out some of the different companies we've worked with in the past.

Reinventarse durante la pandemia

Written by Larisa, Dec 2020

“What a fun, engaging, and unique experience – and on top of that, you get authentic, handmade, beautiful espadrilles! Our corporate team had just finished a long strategy day and honestly was not looking forward to being online for another hour, but Luis and Kathe were incredible hosts – we were entranced and laughing the whole time! We also really appreciated the storytelling and history, and how they would engage every single person on our team. If we thought we were tired it was only 5pm our time, and it was 2am their time – so impressive. In terms of the logistics, it was seamless and easy.”

Written by Julius, Nov 2020

Our group loved this experience!! Some of the feedback we received: “Absolutely loved this experience! The amount of energy from the hosts, being able to make this experience interactive, while also giving a history lesson on the espadrilles was so fun!” “+1! Learned so much and loved their enthusiasm! ❤ (and their willingness to send handmade shoes all the way from Barcelona! haha)” “It was such a wonderful way to spend the day and I loved learning about the history of the shoes that we’re about to receive and enjoy. “

Written by Chirstine, Oct 2020

“Espadrille event hosts were amazing! They did a great job calling on people by name to get everyone involved. I liked how engaging and entertaining the hosts for the espadrilles were. I also liked how the group was small enough that we could see everyone’s faces on zoom and the hosts were good about calling on people to participate. I appreciated that they were very helpful and good about answering people’s questions along the way.”