DIY Pack

Learn How To Make Your Own Espadrilles

We created this product for the handy ones. For those who like crafts and all sorts of do-it-yourself projects.

There’s nothing like watching an artisanal hand-crafted work of art come to life! With our DIY Pack, you’ll design your ideal model of Spanish-style espadrilles and craft your shoes with your own two hands.

At The Espadrilles Experience, we make the shoes. With the DIY Pack, it’s you who is going to put it all together.

We send you the Espadrilles and all the materials needed, along with a set of friendly demonstration videos. So that you can get in the shoes of a master artisan.

You choose everything

There are several things you need to decide upon: the color, the base, the ribbons and the stitching style.

Free Worldwide Shipping

We ship everything to your door for free. Within only 72 hours. No matter where you live.

Sustainable materials

The materials we work with are eco-friendly and sustainable. We use locally-sourced materials.

Anytime, anywhere

You get to enjoy it in your living room’s comfort. You can watch our tutorial videos whenever you want.

DIY materials kit to make your own espadrilles at home + 2 colors of laces + set of videos on how to make Espadrilles

Choose the color, base, ribbon and stitching, and our artisans will take you through the whole process of making your own shoes. 

We will deliver all the materials you need with a handy demonstration video to help you along the process. Tradition and history will come to life in your living room as you learn something new and get some brand new shoes while you’re at it. What are you waiting for?

You will be contacted via email to discuss all details of customization.

Do tue delivery concerns, we can’t include needles in the package. You need to have your own needles.

You can buy the DIY Pack with everything included for only €59.90. For a more durable base and a much more stylish design, you can opt for one of the premium packs, starting at €89.90 Click on the button below to get redirected to our store.

The base of the Espadrilles makes the difference. For the Classic Pack, you are going to receive the traditional flat base, made with one rope. In the Premium Pack, you can choose between bases made out of two, five or seven ropes. The more ropes, the higher the heel.

Classic DIY Pack


  • The classic Espadrilles with 1 rope base
  • 2 colors of ribbons
  • set of demonstration videos

Price: €59.90

Premium DIY Pack


  • Espadrilles with 2, 5 or 7 ropes in the base
  • 2 different materials of ribbons (cotton, gossamer, silk)
  • set of demonstration videos

Price: €89.90

Check out our intro video below.

Get yourself immersed in this unique DIY experience

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